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Recycling Your Old TV or Getting a Digital Antenna Installed?

Recycling old tv

If you have an unwanted TV set at home which is not compatible to your new digital antenna ask the local electronic shop whether they will accept it for a nominal price. If they don’t take it then consider giving the TV set away to someone who really needs it. You can give away your old TV to the poor and destitute or even contact local charitable centers.

There are several recycling services in action which process old electronic items and some of these require you to pay a nominal fee. If you need to dispose off a large quantity of electronic waste at once then this is a good way to both help yourself and the environment.

The free scheme or the national initiative of Television and computer recycling is not available in all areas and localities as of now. Take the pain of storing all you electronic waste in some corner of your home until the scheme comes home to you.

Avail of suitable exchange offers

There are some electronic fairs organized in which retailers will take away your old TV and give you a good discount on your new one. This is an attractive proposition as it has dual benefits. Firstly you get to dispose of all your old electronic stuff and secondly you get to purchase a new computer or television at a much discounted price.

You can search for more information on schemes and exchange offers on the Internet and choose one that best suits your needs.

For safety of your electronic appliances, call a storage facility.