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Some Design Ideas for Unique Coffins

Unique Coffins

Some people like to be remembered in a unique way when they pass away. Hence, they prefer to be buried in unique coffins. You can’t blame anybody for thinking about how he’ll get buried since death is something that will eventually happen. Here are some design ideas for unique coffins:

  • Country Flag

If the person is a soldier who spent his life fighting for his country, one splendid idea would be for the country flag to be painted on his coffin. This way, he will be remembered as a soldier who loved his country.

  • Movie Poster

If an actor was best remembered for a movie that made him famous, it would be best to paint the movie poster on his coffin. When people see it, they’ll remember him for his portrayal of the character. In fact, some may even remember him for the movie character he has played instead of his real name.

  • Microphone

If the person was known as a famous singer, it would be appropriate to paint a microphone along with some music notes on his coffin. The person will not only be remembered for his chart-topping hits but also the way some people would still sing his songs even after his passing.

  • Basketball

If the person was known as a popular basketball player many years before his passing, it would be a great idea to paint a basketball on his coffin. When people see it, they’ll reminisce about his great performances when he was still playing basketball.

There’s no question the deceased person would appreciate the thought of getting buried in a customised coffin. Most people have the impression that dead are always forgotten. However, if they’re buried in unique coffins, there’s a strong chance they’ll be remembered for the design. Of course, it’s important for the coffins to be supplied by a trusted supplier who has built a reputation of supplying good-looking products.