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4 Creative Video Production Trends to Watch Out For

Creative Video Production

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Video production has always played a vital role in bridging gaps between companies and their intended audiences and consumers. In fact, their creative ideas help encourage a specialised way of thinking that goes outside the box.

If you need help in making your brand a success, here are four trends that you might want to watch out for this 2018:

Projection Mapping

If you are all for experimental technology, projection mapping is your best bet. With video projection mapping, you can make 3D objects appear larger than life. This technique creates dramatic possibilities, particularly when large surfaces are used. These enhance various types of technology as it brings to life various everyday objects. Usually, this is geared towards product launches, other opening events, industry conferences and interactions with audiences.

Live Streaming

Today, technology allows people to forge more intimate connections with other individuals. With the help of live streaming, companies can interact with their customers in real time. As a result, these marketers project the image that they can easily be accessible. For many brands, this is favourable since they can conduct interviews and behind-the-scenes content during live events.

Choreographed One-Take Videos

If you are familiar with OK Go’s “Upside Down & Inside Out” music video, you can see that this trend is very much on point. In fact, this has been making waves again this 2018. They shot one continuous video that was carefully orchestrated to get the master shot. With this kind of approach, you can achieve a seamless outcome since you won’t have to edit and cut anything. All you need to do is compress the video to make it easier for viewers to see and understand.

Branded Series

Many brands are using production trends to centre around their core product offerings and services. By making a story that revolves around their services, they can engage with the public better. Not to mention, they can keep the excitement going since they can easily release films on a weekly or monthly basis.

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