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How to Create a Stunningly Good but Cheap Corporate Video Production

Cheap Corporate Video Production

Filmmaking started in the late 1800’s. Since then, it is perhaps safe to assume that the world has already created hundreds of thousands if not a few million films. To properly preserve films, there now exists several film storage facilities in secured locations. Some are even located hundreds of feet below the ground to be able to control the humidity and temperature in the facility as well as protect it from natural and man-made disasters.

With such a huge inventory of films and corporate videos, the idea that every imaginable scene and sound effect had been made is not very unbelievable. In fact, a Google search will reveal every imaginable sound effect may it be of chirping birds, roaring lions, babies crying, projectiles exploding, etc.

Therefore, making a stunningly beautiful corporate video production made partly or entirely out of existing videos is very possible. In fact, a group of five filmmakers collaborated and used 75% government materials in public domain plus 25% newsreel and commercial stock footage and created a full length and critically acclaimed movie called “Atomic Café” as early as 1982. Had they recreated the scenes themselves which were shot in various locations, they would have spent over ten times as much as their actual cost.

It is therefore very possible to use high quality video materials in public domain as a small or major part of a corporate video production. In fact, a little resourcefulness can actually result to a video made one hundred percent out of free high quality footages. The world today has seen shots of the planet inserted in commercials or films. Have you actually wondered if the film crew actually boarded a space craft just to take those shots? Another familiar public domain material that we frequently see today is footage of the lunar landing. A lot of commercials and product sales continue to be made because of it and the filmmakers never paid the government a single cent.

Finding high quality free videos is not very difficult. A Google search using the keywords, Public domain footages, public domain films, and variations of it will yield a number of sites. Even Wikipedia has a long list of sources under “Free Media Resources”.

In making a cheap high quality corporate video production, one only needs a script, a professional editor and resourceful people who will do the search. If the outfit has no available manpower, a lot of qualified internet researchers may also be hired on project basis to the job.