In these competitive times all computer repair services firms should provide guarantees for its services and troubleshooting jobs to stay in business and most do in reality. A reputed company offers a guarantee of 2 to 3 months for most basic problem fixing jobs. Anything less isn’t good enough and anything more should be viewed with circumspect.

How much time will you need to fix the problem?

Don’t expect the computer technician to give you a straightforward answer even before he has had a look at your monitor or CPU. There might be a hard disk problem or you need to install firewall software. So, give sufficient time and leeway to the professional to check out what exactly the problem is so that he can come up with an answer.

Do you have any overhead or additional charges?

Normally, a computer repair firm does not charge anything over and above what it’d cost to fix your specific problem. The company should provide you with a ready reckoner of the standard rates for every conceivable issue.

If you’d need to go in for a major hardware replacement or install software for updating, you may contact computer technicians.

Check out with the company if they have a system for charging extra. If you’re hiring a software professional from a computer repair services company that has a nationalised network and he needs to come over to your place, then you might have to pay an additional charge for home service. You’d be billed accordingly but the invoice should not contain any hidden overheads or charges.

Alternatively, you’ll be paying much less if you take the trouble of leaving your PC at the company’s office.

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