The accident and personal injury compensation laws state that if an individual suffers physical/mental trauma due to an event which is caused by the fault/negligence of others, he/she has the right to ask for compensation from the guilty party.

Compensation Lawyer Sydney specializes in dealing with such cases and they will help you determine whether or to what extent you are eligible for compensation. There are a number of issues which need to be addressed before a claim for personal injury can be filed.

Conditions to be fulfilled before seeking compensation

There is a lot of difference between simply being involved in an accident and conclusively proving that the accident has happened due to the fault/negligence or malpractice of the involved party.

Compensation lawyers are experts who can determine the actual extent of legal responsibility that an offending party has in a particular accident.

There are specific laws which state where and in what conditions an involved party can be labeled as “responsible”. There are various degrees of responsibility and again there are a lot of laws which determine the extent of compensation which can be claimed in each case.

The second issue which needs to be considered is whether the amount of compensation you have claimed has a direct proportion to the extent of your injury or loss. If you have suffered loss of pay due to an accident you are entitled to a particular type of compensation scheme and if you suffer from a sustained injury to your limbs, you will be eligible for a different kind of compensation.

Personal Injury Compensation Claim