Commercial machines used for vacuuming and sealing food items are used widely in the food industry for preserving freshness and lengthening the life span of food items. They are especially suitable for foods with high liquid content and pre set meals which are used for immediate consumption. Commercial vacuum packaging machines are mainly of two types; internal chamber vacuum sealers and external chamber vacuum sealers.

How do commercial vacuum machines operate?

Commercial vacuum packaging machines are typically used for the proper preservation of perishable food items. These machines first evacuate the air content of the food items and then make them suitable for long term preservation. If fruits are treated with these vacuum machines then the ripening is delayed and they remain fresher for a longer time. These vacuum packaging machines are used to pack meats, vegetables, fruits, liquids and bakery items. Packaged materials stay safe from the effects of oxidation including electric parts.

The vacuuming machines are fitted with many sizes of chambers all consisting of different widths, lengths and depths. The chambers can accommodate packages sized six ounces to large beef sides. Vacuum packaging machines are instrumental in reducing overall food costs because they reduce excessive wastage. You will also find inert gas kits for longer shelf life applications. These machines are very convenient as they can be manufactured in accordance to the specific requirements of the customer.

In internal chamber vacuuming machines, the product is placed internally in a chamber and then the lid is closed while a vacuum pump with a high speed extracts air out of the product. After the necessary amount of air has been extracted, an automated strip seals the packet.

A Buyer’s Guide to Commercial Vacuum Packaging Machines