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Choosing the Right Refrigeration System

Refrigeration System

Reach in refrigerators are always upright which make them a favourite with store house operations and logistic units. The reach in’s have average capacities which are measured in cubic feet. Don’t buy a reach in if you have to store frozen meat inside your restaurant.

If you have to keep frozen meat in your backyard then you can purchase a walk n freezer. Huge quantities of meat can be stored at sub zero temperatures in walk in refrigerator which is right in the backyard of the eatery. Commercial operators can also set up shelving systems which make storage of different kinds of meat easy.

If you need to store meat inside your kitchen then you can purchase a refrigerated prep table. This table will have a series of cold wells or cold rails. You can keep stuff like cold cuts, sausages and meat chunks suitable for pizza toppings here.

Why is refrigeration so important?

The shelf life or store life of perishable items like fresh veggies and meat products is comparatively less as compared to cooked food. Commercial refrigeration is a process by which you can extend the life of such items by ensuring that the temperature is kept at an appropriate range. Usually the range is between 1 degree centigrade and 4 degree centigrade. However if frozen meat products have to be kept for months they have to be kept at temperatures between -18 degree centigrade and -35 degree centigrade.

Under-counter Refrigerators

These refrigerators come with one/two/three door systems and you can purchase one according to the volume of food you are going to handle per day. Another variation of the under counter refrigerator is the worktop refrigerator.