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Services Offered By Commercial Painters

Commercial Painters

Most people are familiar with residential painter, since their tasks sometimes do work as DIY tasks. Commercial painters Sydney, however, are more specialized in terms of skills, registration and required equipment. The article highlights the services offered by commercial painting professionals as well as more information about this trade.


Commercial painters can be classified as architectural finish professionals due to the nature of their work. This is primarily because the work entails much more than just painting; a number of pre-painting and finishing tasks are necessary other than the basic application of color. In addition, the equipment and products used separates them from general residential painters. This includes high-pressure low-volume spray equipment, special ladders and specialized finishes for different commercial buildings and industrial installations.

Key Working Areas

An added difference is the precautions. Though all forms of renovation, including construction tasks require protective clothing and equipment, the necessities in this case are more specialized. Firstly, commercial installations and buildings such as silos, high-rise business centers and industries are risky areas to work on, given the height above ground and presence of toxic materials in some. This necessitates the need for harnesses, special ladders and protective clothing. Secondly, in some cases, the painting proceeds simultaneously with regular business and industrial operations.

In this case, the painter needs well-established measures to protect the public from dangerous fumes and airborne particles. Commercial painters work together with property managers, interior designers, managers and homeowners associations for guaranteed work completion as per the requirements and industrial standards. Some of the areas they attend to include:

• Hotels and parks
• Office buildings
• Warehouse facilities
• Apartment and condominiums
• Shopping malls
• Industries and manufacturing installations

Painting Standards

Commercial painting standards differ significantly from residential painting. For starters the latter requires prior cleaning, sealing, paint and finishes under higher and precautions than the latter. This includes low volatile paints and finishes, anti slip coatings, anti graffiti finishes and low pollutant paints. Such specific industrial standards require specialized skills, equipment and registration. On this note, when hiring the painter, ensure that they adhere to the local and state regulations and compliance requirements.

It is clear that a residential painter would be inept in attending to commercial tasks, given the levels of skills and equipment required. However, successful completion of the project rests sleepy on hiring a professional and experienced commercial painter. Therefore, as client, ensure that you perform thorough research and exercise caution in the consultation and eventual hiring.