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Commercial Cleaners: How to Treat Stains and Bad Odour

Commercial Cleaners

The biggest enemies in the workplace are stains and bad odour. If there’s a visible dirt on the couch or the carpet, you must call the commercial cleaners immediately to remove it. Professionals use advanced machines to treat grimy floors, furniture and office appliances. Here’s how the experts treat stains and foul odour:

  • Thorough inspection

Before applying any product to the affected area, the experts perform an inspection first to see the damage. They will assess the material to know the appropriate method to remove the stains or smell. The carpet is amongst the common material that attracts dirt and nasty smell. Since it is exposed to all sorts of debris, it needs to be cleaned regularly.

The commercial cleaners will know the proper treatment after the inspection. There are different services like dry and pressure cleaning to disinfect the structure or material.

  • Ozone treatment

Dry cleaning can definitely remove the stains from the fabric, but natural fibres of wools and silks can shrink. To restore the quality of the material, ozone treatment is applied. The odour embedded on the textiles or wood can be removed as oxidation happens.

Different furniture needs this kind of treatment to retain its quality. We all know how expensive these materials are, so make sure to maintain its quality.

  • Steam cleaning

Spots that are left untreated for too long can lead to yellowing. This can happen to vinyl and linoleum floors. The best way to get rid of the problem is to hire commercial cleaners. These experts can perform steam cleaning to soften the surface and effectively remove the yellow or brown part.

  • Timely maintenance

The best way to prevent sanitation concerns is to hire professional Osborne Park commercial cleaners. They can easily spot the damage and fix it before it’s too late. Contact Clean & Simple Commercial Cleaning for affordable packages. Visit their website to get started.