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Benefits of Having Coffee

Having Coffee

Coffee is a part of the staple diet of most working people and its popularity as the number one energizing drink remains unquestioned. Coffee beans hold an important position in the dynamics of the world economy as it is the 2nd ranking primary product in terms of gross value. Coffee exports contribute to more than 50% of the foreign exchange earnings of many developing nations. Scientific research has established many benefits of having coffee.

How can coffee help to fight diseases?

A leading Japanese science Journal published an extensive report in 2010 that optimum consumption of coffee had a protective effect against the occurrence of non genetic Type 2 Diabetes. The same study results were confirmed by the Journal of clinical Nutrition and Health in America.

Drug companies working on cures to Parkinson’s disease have started designing drugs that contains components which mimic the therapeutic effect of coffee beans. A 2011 medical research team found that some mystery ingredients in coffee fights against Alzheimer’s.

It’s also established that drinking up to 6 cups of coffee per day reduces the chance of development of prostate cancer in men by 50%. The Japanese medical world has proved that people who regularly drink coffee have 50% less chance of developing HCC (Hepatocellular Carcinoma).

Coffee Bean Melbourne is found to prevent excessive fat deposits in liver and protect against Hepatitis C. Women who drink coffee regularly are less prone to strokes and heart diseases. Never drink coffee right after your workout as caffeine will interfere with the body’s natural muscle building activity.

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