Many women shy away from wearing cocktail dresses especially if they are blessed with wide hips. However, in reality wide hips can definitely be an advantage in certain cases. Several media personalities and actresses with wide hips flaunt cocktail dresses all the time. The secret lies in choosing a dress that flatters your body and draws attention away from a part you are uncomfortable with.

Dresses with smart shoulder cuts

If you choose a dress style that has unique and smart shoulder cuts or neck lines, it will draw attention away from your hips. Furthermore, dresses with smart shoulder cuts will also help you look slimmer! There are several kinds of cocktail dresses with different shoulder cuts that you can choose from.

Above the knee but not too short

Dresses that are short immediately draw attention to your legs. However, when you choose cocktail dresses, do not choose one that is too short if you have wide hips. If you wear one that is just a little above the knee, it will be better. In this case, an inch and not beyond above the knee would be best.

Not too tight

If you have wide hips and a much thinner upper body, try to choose loose fitting cocktail dresses. Loose fitting dresses will flatter your entire body, no matter what structure you have. This will make you look elegant. If your aim is to own a cocktail dress that hides wide hips choose a cocktail dress with small design and prints.

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Choosing Cocktail Dresses for Wide Hips