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Cleaning Services Contractors Are Important Prior to Moving in a Newly Built House

Cleaning Services Contractors

I have been inside buildings that have been commissioned only a few weeks or a couple of years ago and notice that foul odour that seems to be a combination of cement powder, dust and urine. This is especially noticeable in the basement and parking areas. The building’s officers in charge of cleaning services are at fault in this instance but what really could have possibly caused it?

A house construction can bring a lot of hard to remove bad smell, dirt and harmful bacteria into the premises. Foundation and basement works mean a lot of digging, pile driving and earth moving activities. Unpleasant smell starts happens when the disturbed soil is moist or gets wet. This is really unavoidable in most instances. Workers walking around the construction site inevitably steps on the wet dirt and their shoes bring it into the house. During structural works, cement droppings are largely unavoidable and when not thoroughly cleaned at the end of each day, it would dry up and soil up the place and emit bad smell as well. Of course, there are also instances when undisciplined workers urinate and throw trash in hidden corners of the construction site. That is also a major contributor to the bad smell and eventual health hazards.

Professional best bond cleaning Brisbane can help a lot in these instances. They can go around the finished house and do their magic after construction works are done. It is very certain that tons of unwanted materials will need to be hauled away before any real cleaning can be done. A clean looking, clean smelling and sanitized environment must actually be clean. No amount of disinfectant and deodorizers will remove or mask the dirt underneath. For that purpose, cleaning services professionals will be need to scrape dried concrete droppings, dried mud and every unnecessary material. This will be followed by delicate brushing and blowing compressed air to lift stubborn cement powder and dust. This will be followed by a lot of vacuuming to remove particles in the surface. Finally, cleaning services will wipe every surface of the house with damp and dry cloth until the place is sparklingly clean. For good measure, the entire place will be sprayed with disinfectant and locked for a several hours. A final cleaning services inspection will be done and the place will be declared clean.

With the entire facility declared clean, moving may commence. Beds, chairs, tables’ sofas, equipment and appliances may start to be moved in and the entire exercise should not take so much time. With everything in place, the house may finally be moved in by the intended occupants.

Despite the availability of professional cleaners, it is best that the construction group be trained for good practices from the very start of construction. With that, the place will look, smell and feel clean all the time. The cleaning services crews will always be needed prior to move in of house occupants but their tasks will be a lot less daunting. Besides, having a clean construction site is also good for the workers and clients who will be visiting from time to time.

Pressure cleaning is something that you should try. This is an eco-friendly way to clean the flooring, roads and others.