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Buyer’s Agent vs Seller’s Agent


Your choice of a real estate agent services will primarily depend upon what kind of transaction you are looking for. The priorities of somebody who wants his property listed and sold at a good profit will be very different from somebody who is interested in purchasing a residential apartment/home. The differentiation is very clear; a buyer’s agent represents the buyer while a listing agent/selling agent can work in dual capacity. Real estate agents can work for both seller and buyer to negotiate the deal or they can work exclusively for the buyer.

The listing agent is supposed to provide an accurate valuation of the property and derive a pricing strategy. The pricing is super important because the salability of the property depends on it. The sellers agent will help you to strike a balance between what you think is the true value of your house and the current market rate.

Home buyers are usually very finicky when it comes to choosing homes so you should prepare your house well foe the inspection. Your listing agent will make a survey of the property and tell which things need repair or replacement. It’s essential that your home looks at its best before a prospective client comes for inspection.

Industrial real estate will ensure that your property gains maximum coverage by putting up sales signs and arranging open houses. The most important function of real estate agents is to spread the news of the property amongst other real estate agents through an MLS listing.

When you receive an offer from a prospective buyer, your listing agent will thoroughly inspect the offer and determine whether it adheres to the current market rate. Your real estate agent services will let you know whether you should adopt a wait and watch policy or grab the offer.