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Become an Apprentice Chef before Becoming a Chef

Apprentice Chef

If you have the ambition of becoming a master chef someday you will have to slowly climb your way up the culinary ladder. You are not going to reach the top slot at one go, so prepare yourself by working as an apprentice chef for some years and sharpen your skills. It’s very important to understand how to build your reputation as a good apprentice.As a start, you will be required to wear a chefs hat, chefs jacket and chefs pants.

Basic responsibilities of an apprentice chef

The responsibility of an apprentice chef is largely dependent on the restaurant where he/she is working. If you are giving an interview to join as an apprentice this is a good question to ask. However you can assume that it will be your primary responsibility to order kitchen equipment, keep track of the food supply and raw materials in stock.

You have to keep close watch to ensure that ingredients are never out of stock and this involves understanding the demand and supply cycle of the kitchen. You will probably be asked to assist on cooking jobs but don’t expect to be able to cook main dishes without supervision.

Big advantages of working as an apprentice

There is a lot of stuff you can learn while you are in your apprenticeship stage. You will get the chance to familiarise yourself with the different flavours and unique textures of thousands of spices, local produce and other food ingredients.

If you love cooking then you will never grow tired of the sights and smells.