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How to Decide Between Hiring a Caravan or Buying One?

Hiring a Caravan or Buying One

If you have been hit by wanderlust or bit by a travel bug then going caravanning is one of the solutions you can think of. Caravanning presents a unique combination of adventure (you can take your caravan anywhere) and comfort (the interiors of some caravans are as comfortable as your own home). One major question you are likely to be confronted with is “rent or buy?”.

After sales service

In terms of caravans you need to be very sure of the kind of after sales services you are going to get post your purchase or rent agreement. Be especially careful when you hire a caravan as the rental company will try to wriggle its way out of any service commitments. Read the fine print on the rental agreement very carefully and ask as many questions as you want. If some part of your caravan malfunctions in the middle of your trip you need to be able to locate some place where repairs can be done.

Arranging for financing

You can easily apply for a loan in any reputed bank for caravan finance. In case you are buying a new caravan the manufacturer or the seller will help you in procuring you financing options. In case you buy a used caravan or rent one make sure like all kitchen facilities, toilet facilities and other features work perfectly. Ask for a full demo of the caravan and satisfy your curiosity before you pay any money. Stay safe and have a happy caravan trip!

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