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A Guide to Buying a Home

Buying a Home

Arrange an extensive pre purchase inspection with your real estate agent before deciding about the final purchase. Make sure that the seller is also present at the inspection. Professional building inspectors will bjectively analyse the relative merits and demerits of your home and ask relevant questions to the seller. If you need the service of someone, ask real estate agents.

Any information which your real estate agent services provide should be documented and stored including copies of written documents and marketing materials. Try to insist on getting all property information in writing so that you have a point of reference in case of future issues.

It’s preferable to have the targeted home inspected by an independent professional like an architect, engineer or building surveyor. The results of the survey can be included in the general terms of the property papers.

Make sure that you procure a relevant and title for your property. The land title will have a general description of the land, owner address and terms of restrictions of usage. This is a mandatory legal document which real estate agents can help in arranging.

In case, you hire real estate agents in helping you to arrange for financing, make sure that you understand the fine print at the bottom of the OA sheet about the terms of financing. You should only sign the offer document after being satisfied with the particulars of financing.

A good buying offer is one that is fair without being over generous or short charging. Real estate agent services will help you decide issues like “should you pay an extra thousand dollars to procure the car pool?” and “should you push to have the adjacent pool serviced before you shift into your new home.”

The buyer’s agent will complete the formalities and documentation procedure required from the buyer. He will see to it that the transaction takes place smoothly to the satisfaction of his client.