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How to Design a Creative Business Card?

Creative Business Card

Business card is one of the marketing tools that has been proven an effective way to reach out potential customers. The theme in most cases now involves printing a name, number, email id and web address for communication purposes. Most people prefer to keep their cards minimalistic in design and content aspects. However, while all this may be a new trend in the making, the focus should also be on making creative cards that make an impact. The tips below may help.

Placement of Details

In most cases, creative business cards have content incorporated on the front. As the person choosing how to present and design his card, you can spread the details all over the card. For instance, you can keep the name, designation and direct number of the person on the front while using the back of the card for other details like address and more.

This will help avoid crowding and cluttering and also ensure that the card details are creative in some ways.

With the help of graphic designers, you could have a creative business card.

Smart Symbols

Instead of sticking to the same plain old boring formatting methods, you can always use symbols to share your key details. For instance, pointer fingers, a pen to indicate email address details and more.

These symbols will make the card more reader friendly. Furthermore, the symbols will create a better impact on the minds of the reader. Someone who reads an interesting and well laid out card will always remember it better as opposed to a plain and simple business card.

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