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Ideas on Saving Money for Printing Order

Printing Order

Printing on bulk order is a good way to save a lot of money for the overall printing cost. The following are the additional ways on how you can save on printing cost.

Reduce the font size

This goes without saying. Reducing the size of the fonts even by a little amount can be a lot beneficial when it comes to bulk orders. If till now you have been using the font size of 12 then trey reducing it to 11 or 10. You will be amazed to see the difference in the number of total pages taken by the same amount of text. Also avoid the bold letters as much as possible as the more amount of ink you use, the more you will have to pay to the offset printing company.

Fix a monthly plan

This is one of the most beneficial advantages of having given the task to offset printing in Sydney. This is quite a lot like the special tariff plans on voice and data calls. By committing to a certain amount of printing orders every month, you can avail special discounts given by the printing presses. The printing presses keep issuing such schemes from time to time. You can make the use of these schemes by ordering for printing in bulk orders. Along with saving your money, it will also help in developing a strong relationship with the offset printing service providers.

Print less

This may seem obvious but this is true as well. You can save a lot of money by printing only what you want.