The two at times are used interchangeably, though they may have something in common, but if the true meaning will be analyzed closely, the two are entirely different from each other. Both of have them have differing functions and benefits both to the businessmen and the consumers.

The sole purpose of marketing agency is to promote a product in all possible mediums- print, television, and on the web. A branding agency is not just about advertising per se but more on building the reputation of the product. A businessman will approach a marketing agency to help him boost the sales of his business. The product is already there just waiting to be discovered by consumers through aggressive marketing campaign.

On the other hand, branding agency in Sydney will not only promote a product but perform something more than that. The agency will analyze and learn in an in-depth fashion the purpose of the product, what it is made of, and how consumers can benefit from the product. For instance, when marketing a athletic shirt, a marketing agency will entice consumers by getting an attractive model hoping that consumers will be enticed to buy the product because it looks perfectly well on the model. On the other hand, a branding agency has a different approach. The agency will look into the kind of materials that the athletic shirt is made of and let the consumers understand as to why such a material is perfect for wearing while engaging in and athletic endeavor. Say it is a dri fit athletic shirt, the branding agency will focus more on the benefits of wearing a drif fit shirt while a marketing agency will focus more on the available colors of the athletic shirt.

The main purpose of a branding agency is to make consumers become loyal supporters of a particular product because of its uses, benefits, among others.

Marketing and branding agency can work hand in hand and make a business flourish by delivering its promises to the consumers. Through branding, a consumer can understand what he is purchasing and through marketing, a business will reach more people. Together, they can work towards providing satisfaction to the consumers and make them loyal to the brand that they just purchased.

In essence, a branding agency will analyze the positive points of a product and the marketing agency will promote these products in the various media available.

The Difference Between Marketing and Branding Agency