Regardless whether your business is new or not, marketing is a must. There are numerous marketing strategies- some are costly while others are not but proven to be very effective when it comes to name-recall, and one of that is the distribution of branded pens. The name and the contact information of your business are imprinted on the pens and this marketing strategy is very effective for the following reasons:

Cost effective

Branded pens are very cost-effective. You can buy these pens by the bulk at a low cost. You can even get a bigger discount if you order more pens. Plus, branded pens come in many colors and styles of casings. Some pens can have two or more inks with different colors. There is also the classic pen with comfortable grip, or you may want the one with a grip roller which has a textured rubber grip. When it comes to ink to be used for the branded pens, you can choose between the fast-drying ink or the fine point pen. Now if you want environment-friendly branded pens, they also have the 100% recycled plastic materials that are used for the casing of the pens. Depending on your budget, some pens can be more expensive than the others because of the type of material that is used in the casing.

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Walking advertisements

You can advertise your products on the television or radio, but after the airing of the commercial, there is a tendency that the persons will forget about the advertisement, unless it is very catchy and unique, which is not the issue when it comes to pens. Pens are very utilitarian and people take it with them all the time. Now, if they will constantly see the branded pens with your logo and contact information on it, they will not forget the name and nature of your business and when the time comes that they find the need for a product that is in line with your business, then there is a big probability that they will recall the name of your company.


Who does not need pens every day? Whether you are a student, office worker, home maker, or whatever your profession is, you will be needing a writing material every day and branded pens are the best promotional products because of its usability. Pens are not thrown away as compared to other products that are not used often.

Branded Pens as Marketing Tool for your Business