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Is BOTOX Treatment Effective?

BOTOX Treatment

Well, for sure you already heard about BOTOX. Though cosmetic improvement is not the original reason for this treatment, but undeniably, this is the most popular reason why this is getting more popular. However, aside from cosmetic improvement like eliminating the frown lines that can make you look mad even if you are not, it can also said to cure excessive sweating and also for muscle spasm control. It is already common for each and every one of us to want to stay young looking. As much as possible, we want to delay the signs of aging thus we use almost all kinds of creams that can help us look younger. However, creams can just do so much. As they are just superficial, they can’t really address the natural effects of the normal cycle. This is where BOTOX treatment comes in. Through BOTOX treatment, your countenance will greatly improve.

But is this really effective like are there no side effects to watch out? Well, below are some of the most common answers to your common questions about BOTOX:

– This treatment can last for about 3 to 4 months though the bottom line about its effectiveness will depend on the number of units injected to you. That is right, it is the number of units and not the volume of BOTOX that will determine the duration of its effect on you. And in fact, if you are injected regularly, then your looks will be maintained.

– BOTOX can also be used under your eye area but not really for all people like it will depend if your system will adapt with it. That is why, the best thing to do is have a certified technician to check on you and note though that not really all those who inject BOTOX will inject under your eye area. This is because BOTOX treatment is only FDA approved when injected in the specified area and that is for the frown lines only.

– BOTOX is not the same as those injectable fillers. Note that BOTOX can only be used in the upper part of your face while the fillers can be used in other areas. If you want to know more about them, then check them to your doctor and besides, you should initially talk with your doctor before having this treatment so that you will know what to expect.

– If you are 18 years old or above, then you are qualified to be injected with BOTOX. Visit Botox Brisbane. However, this should not be done on you if you are allergic to one of the ingredients in BOTOX, if there is currently an infection in the area where you want to be injected, if you have breathing problem like asthma and still many others. Again, your doctor should be able to explain all of these things to you.

Yes, BOTOX treatment can make you look younger but only if you are with a certified doctor. Though there are those who will promise cheap BOTOX treatment, know that it is yourself that you will be risking.