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How to Change Oil in Gearboxes


Bonfigioli is actually considered as one of the industry’s leading manufacturers and distributor of industrial gearboxes. Bonfigioli gearboxes are definitely a must for your vehicles as the bonfigioli brand is basically very certain about their gearboxes. Therefore you could surely be confident that you are making a good investment with bonfigioli gearboxes. As an addition the bonfigioli gearboxes are very durable. This means that you do not have to usually worry about it. But of course, in order to really prolong the life of any gearbox, regular maintenance should be observed in order to free yourself from wasting additional expenses for the reason that your gearbox has stopped working.

Considered to be a part of the most disregarded components of vehicle sustenance is maintaining the gearbox oil clean and full. Specifically if your car has greater mileage or vigorous driving, it would be very important that you alter your gearbox oil regularly. The frequent time you use the clutch and the transmission of your car, the more gearbox oil is lost or used which would cause to lose its thickness and stickiness. By the time you have used all the old oil, you could now pour in the new oil. Here are some easy procedures on how to put new oil on your gearbox.

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Stuff you require to have:

• Set of sockets

• New gearbox oil

• Funnel


• Find the filling plug. This is basically placed above the gearbox. If you’re facing some issues on searching for the fill plug, just simply look for the speedometer cable up to where it is linked to the transmission. The filling plug is surely just a little distant away from the cable.

• Once you have located where the plug is, you could now start removing the filling plug.

• Once the fill plug is already removed, you could now put a clean funnel into the filling opening and pour in the new oil for your gearbox. Try checking your car manual so that you would know the right amount of oil required by your gearbox. If you are done filling your gearbox with the new oil, you could now put back the filling plug. Make sure that it is tightly closed and after that, you should twist the plug down utilizing a socket wrench.

It is actually better if you regularly change the gearbox oil and your engine oil. There are actually some oil brands available in the market. Just check your manual as to what certain type of oil your vehicle requires. You should only utilize the certain oil qualified for your transmission and it is never advisable to make use of any kinds of oil as it could surely give issues to your transmission.

As an addition, you could actually make use of another tool as a replacement for funnel in filling the gearbox with oil. You could basically use a long plastic hose if you do not any funnel. And just always remember to always be careful in doing the change oil process.