Block out blinds for windows are an ideal way to keep out light on a sunny day. They are made of thick fabric with a coating at the back to prevent light from penetrating through. They are easy to clean and maintain. There are several types of materials to choose from, based on the décor and type of the room.

Benefits of Block out Blinds

Keeps away Heat and Light – Block out blinds offer a perfect solution, if you have an issue with excessive sunlight entering the rooms in your home. The blinds are particularly suitable for a room that houses a home theatre system. They enhance the pleasure of viewing the television screen. You may choose from a wide assortment of colours, fabrics and types to provide a pleasing ambience for your rooms. They are useful in keeping out the harsh glare of streetlights at night.

Provide Soundproofing – The material used to construct the blinds is thick and heavy. This feature makes the blinds an excellent soundproofing system for your rooms. You may use the blinds to keep out the noise of traffic from your study and bedrooms. The blinds serve the same purpose when used for office spaces.

Provides Insulation in winter – Apart from keeping out the heat in summer, the block out blinds at the windows provide insulation in winter, as well. The thick material retains the warmth inside the room.


Aluminum blinds have the advantages of durability, easy maintenance and stylish good looks. They go perfectly with wrought iron furniture.

A Guide to Block out Blinds