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Advantages Of School Trips

School Trips

School tours and trips are soon becoming obsolete. The main reason for this is the fear that both parents and teachers have about injuries, accidents and the children being harmed because of careless supervision. Teachers do not want to take the responsibility only to be sued later. Although it is better to be safe rather than sorry, not having school trips will deprive kids of a unique experience and an opportunity to develop their personalities through interaction with other kids and practically experiencing what they are taught in class.

Learning Outside the Classroom

Each child learns in a different way. Not all children can sit in a classroom and learn by listening to his teacher or looking at a board or a screen. School tour Snowy Mountains NSW is one of the parts of overall learning process of a child. They feel the thrill of adventure and their curiosity is aroused by exploration.

Children learn to think independently and derive their own conclusions. They look at things with a different perspective and recognize their own power to discover new things. Children can take risks which they would not under the eagle eye of their protective parents or in school.

Long Lasting Learning

Memories of school tours and trips are long lasting. Sometimes they are even remembered through out life. Remember your own school trip? Children remember what they see better than what they hear.

Having actually seen a frog leap they can better describe it given a few basic words by their teacher.

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