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Buying Bathroom Vanities

Bathroom Vanities

Until a few years ago, bathroom was not a place to keep designer objects. However, now-a-days your bathroom vanity can talk a lot about your taste in style. They come in all colors and sizes and offer a wonderful balance between style and function. It’s usually the first thing your guests will notice in a bathroom and it gives your guests an instant premium feel.

Decide what you want

If you are buying vanity for your kid’s bathroom then you don’t need a lot of storage. You need to also choose a color that matches your bathroom décor. If you decide to keep your vanity in your master bathroom then you may require lots of storage to make it easier for you to get ready every morning. If you are going to use this bathroom vanity for a large number of frequent guests then it’s a good idea to compromise storage for style.

Space Management

You have to be aware of your bathroom measurements before shopping for your new bathroom vanity. Big bathroom vanities in a small bathroom is definitely against style and function. The opposite will actually help your bathroom look stylish.

Shower Cubicle versus Bath

A shower cubicle instead of a bath is a great way to save space in a bathroom. A bath is a luxury that takes up a lot of room. However, if you do want a bath, install it at one side of the bathroom. See Bathrooms Sydney

Toilet Design

Various models of slimline toilets are available. Get a unit for the bathroom to save on space. The slim line variety makes use of the same plumbing fixtures as used by a toilet of standard size. Replacement of an old toilet by a new unit should not be a problem, just call Plumbers Hope Island.