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Cleaning Your Bamboo Flooring

Bamboo Flooring

Having wood flooring in the house really takes a lot of money especially when it comes to the maintenance of it. It is just the same when having bamboo flooring that could also be expensive too and really needed to be maintained to have its beauty and shine to last for many years. There are lots of different ways on how ere are going to maintain its beauty, one way of it is through cleaning it. Thought there are already modern and more advance in cleaning a wooden floor, there are still ways of cleaning that we can do and we must consider to remember while we are having this kind of flooring. In cleaning flooring like this, you must;

Dust it. First thing that you can do is to remove all the dust and tiny particles that you can see in your floor. You can use a broom in removing them instead of using a vacuum in your house when you are having bamboo flooring for it might get damaged. Make sure that you will be able to pick up and remove things that are really unpleasant and could possibly bring harm into your flooring when you are already doing the next step.

Build your house by hiring professional builders.

Mop it. The next thing that you can and you must do is to mop floor in order to remove things that are unpleasant on it. Use a mop and a water spray on doing it for you can pour water or a solution directly to the floor because too much liquid might damage the flooring and the coating of the floor. In mopping the floor, do not lift it up as you are moving to different direction for you to avoid having those tiny and sharp particles to go on beneath the map making it to be dragged and create a scratch on the floor.

Wipe it. If there are something like juice, sauces, or other thing that spilled on your floor, immediately wipe it with clean cloth or a rag and remove the spills immediately so that it would not damage the floor anymore especially when it is something like a chemical mixture. After wiping out the spill on the floor, wipe it again with a not so wet clean cloth removing the marks that it made.

Polish. Remember that mopping the floor won’t do enough for your bamboo flooring for it needs to be even more clean and shinier. After mopping the floor, wipe it again with a soft clean dry cloth in order to remove the line and marks that the mopping did. Doing this can help the flooring to be polished and have a shinier look.

Don’t scratch. Remember that scratching you floor can really make your floor damage and lose its shine and beauty that it naturally has. Do not use things that have sharp edges for those can harm your floor.

Foot wear. Be aware that there are foot wears that can harm your floor especially those that hard and those shoes that have pointed heels. Be aware of the foot wear that you are going to use inside the house for you might damage your floor and can give it scratches.

Use curtains. This is really important for you to do in order to help you to avoid bamboo flooring to discolor immediately. We all know that the exposure of sunlight can cause the bamboo to immediately discolor. If you don’t want this to happen us curtains on that window preventing the floor to be exposed from the sun.

These are the basic things that you can do to take care of your floor aside from paying for maintenance. You can also call termite inspectors to make sure that your floors are termite-free.