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Common Mistakes Backpackers Make When Travelling in a New Place

Travelling in a New Place

Packing up the bags to travel is not an easy task. Especially when the territory is unknown to you, you ought to practice extra care while putting the required things in your backpacks. A backpacker must be aware of the geography and should prepare himself to face even the worst case scenarios.

Packing a bit too much

Packing is the most important are of planning a trip. People tend to fill up their bag with all the stuff that they may not even need (do not need, in most cases). Travelling with a ton heavy backpack is certainly not a good way to travel, is it? Therefore you should trim down some of the stuff that is not extremely essential. According to an adage, you should pack only half of what you need with double the money that you require. Though it isn’t easy to instantly double up the monetary balance, the former part of the saying can be followed with relative ease.

Buying a plethora of gadgets

The idea of travelling to a new place fills up some people with overflowing excitement. They tend to buy as many things as they can or as much as their credit card limit permits, hoping those things will be needed on the trip. All those fancy big first aid boxes and not so compact sewing machines are likely to catch their attention and force them to pay even if they don’t really need it on the journey. If your pants get torn on the way then it makes more sense to buy a needle and thread than to carry a sewing machine in your backpack.