For the longest time, awnings are known to protect your property from the sun, the harmful UV rays, rain and other elements. Today, this window fixture is more than that. In fact, these have become an essential part of the interior design, not only because it is functional and practical, but also because it elevates the whole look.

If you find yourself wanting to add these great fixtures, here are some tips that can help you out:


  • Material

There are different types of material to choose from. However, the two most popular selections are outdoor fabrics and aluminium blinds. Outdoor fabrics come in a wide range of colours, making it the perfect fit for any home. You can easily customise colours to fit your specifications; lighter ones for more light, whilst darker ones to a solid job of giving you shade and preventing UV rays from passing through. However, this choice would require more maintenance.

On the other hand, aluminium blinds are great for individuals who want low-maintenance blinds. These are quite sturdy and durable, making you save more money. However, the downside is that these don’t allow much customisation, especially when it comes to designs and colours.

  • Angle

One factor that many people tend to overlook is the angle of the awning. Come to think of it, this is very important in ensuring window fixtures will have a great performance. For a window facing the south, a 45-60% drop is optimal since the sun wouldn’t affect it as much. However, for a window facing east or west, it’s recommended to have a 65-75% drop to ensure excellent performance.

  • Ease of Use

 One factor to consider when getting an awning is its ease of use. For those who want accessibility and full control over their blinds, it’s best to get roll up and retractable ones. These are perfect for outdoor patios or decks, allowing you to get sunlight any time you want.

Since retractable blinds may not be suitable for harsh weather conditions, you can opt for freestanding blinds. This is perfect if you want a low-maintenance addition. This is great for outdoor barbeques and get-togethers because it can withstand heavy rains and heavy snow.

Whatever type of awnings you go for, make sure to contact LTA Blinds today. They have an extensive variety of colours and materials for you to choose from.

Awnings: What to Choose for Your Home