A project briefing for your architects typically consists of the design requirements you are looking for while building a house. Unless you are able to create a successful architectural project briefing that conveys all your wishes, demands and preferences fruitfully to your architect, he won’t be able to give proper shape to your dreams. Architects help their clients in preparing a quality architectural project briefing.

What is Included in an Architectural Project Briefing?

Before designing a house, your architect will want to know your preferred design style and aims. Some homeowners look for ecological, environment friendly and sustainable designs. Others are more comfortable with high tech or contemporary designs. You might be in search of a design that is close to the style of your current residence. He will also want to know why exactly you have taken up this building project. He will design the building keeping in mind the activities intended for it.

The next topic of interest is the issue of authority. You have to inform your architect about the person or individuals who will take care of the design decisions, financial matters, expenditure and all the prosaic, mundane issues that crop up while the building is constructed.

An architectural project briefing also contains details about the client’s overall expectations – your ultimate hopes of achievement from this project.

Some clients take up a new building project for commercial purposes, others look for a more comfortable and spacious home. Others are in search of resort style holiday villas. Your architect can better conform to your expectations if you explain yourself clearly in the project briefing.

Tips for Creating a Project Briefing for Your Architect