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Benefits of Accommodation Villas

Accommodation Villas

Accommodation villas come with a number of facilities included in the rent – such as domestic help, laundry service, pool facilities, free access to gardens, private beaches, tennis and golf courts, kitchen maid, butler services, chauffer services and so on.

You can either prepare your meals by yourself in a fully equipped kitchen or ask your cook/kitchen maid to cook for your family in exchange for a negligible fee. Your butler/kitchen maid/domestic help will take care of grocery shopping, laundry and housekeeping duties. You may not even have to pay anything extra for these services.

Many families opt for Accommodation Villas Byron Bay because of the promise of security, seclusion, clean and hygienic swimming pools (that you won’t have to share with other crowds), private bar, tennis or squash courts, golf and beach volleyball courts, lawns, private beaches and exclusive views. Kids can enjoy themselves in the pool while you can relax and sun bathe without a worry.

Staying at a hotel for over two weeks with different members of your family spread over multiple floors can create chaos, confusion and burn holes in your pocket.

Contrarily, you can all stay together in an accommodation villa and pursue all your hobbies without having to worry about lack of space. Nor will you have to fight over bathrooms in the morning – a common issue for large families vacationing in hotels.

The main reason why some vacationing families prefer hiring vacation rental villas over hotels and resorts is because of the privacy factor. You have the entire house, all the bedrooms, balconies, pool, dining area, gym, (beachfront villa if you are vacationing on an island or seaside town) and hot tubs to yourselves.

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