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3 Reasons Why Fibreglass Pools are Better for Your Home

Fibreglass Pools

More homeowners nowadays consider fibreglass pools for their backyard. This comes as no surprise, especially considering this type of material can save money and time in the future. Whilst some are concerned with the initial costs of installation, as compared to a concrete version, the long-term benefits are worth it.

Here are three reasons why fibreglass pools are better for your home:

Installation is a breeze.

This type of pool is the easiest to install. Concrete styles can take weeks – even months – of construction to complete. Fibreglass lets you finish the job within two weeks. This is because they’re made offsite by the company. They just deliver it to your home when the excavation is done, and then fix the material. After that, all you must worry about is the plumbing. Further, concrete pool construction can be hindered by rains. This is not the case for fibreglass.

The material is highly durable and easy to maintain.

Fibreglass is more durable than vinyl, and some would argue concrete. This material does not require any major maintenance jobs over time, which is the case with both vinyl and concrete. Because it is finished with a weather-resistant gel, it’s highly resistant to all forms of wear and tear.

Mould and algae do not grow on this material. Unlike concrete, the surfaces are not porous, and therefore does not soak up any moisture that encourages bacterial growth. They are tough, flexible and highly resistant.

It costs less over time compared to other pool types.

Homeowners will save money with this type of pool over time. The money you’ll spend on maintenance alone will add up to a significant amount. This type of pool is also best suited for saltwater filtration systems. Having this installed can cut pool maintenance costs by half.

Fibreglass pools can help homeowners save money on maintenance costs, whilst still creating a beautiful backyard. With a wide variety of styles and designs to choose from, it’s the best choice any home. My Fibreglass Pool Easy provides top-quality fittings for all types of projects.

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